50 Years Of Experience nazarlık

Fabric Printing

With our 30 years of fabric printing experience, we add patterns and colors to 45,000 meters of cotton knitted fabric daily in our 3 rotation printing machines.

Reactive, pigment, discharge and devore printing processes can be performed according to the characteristics of the fabrics and patterns.

We are able to offer our customers over 15,000 ready-to-wear children's, women's, men's and sportswear patterns free of charge to fit the fashion of the day, with patterns ready for printing in our pattern archive, which has been formed over many years and reminiscent of a library.

In our 4-Station pattern design department , 200 new pattern creations and drawings are made per month and presented to our customers.

With our wax direct screen engraving machine, 25 new rotation printing molds can be made per day.

The fabrics coming out of our printing unit are made ready for shipment by passing through special touch and shrinkage machines.

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